October 2019
After another trip to wonderful Provence with wonderful Folkevogn, it is time for me to consentrate on my master’s degree project which will be performed in April next year. More about that later.

September 2019
Now the time has finally come to release the music I have been working on for several years, that now lies at hand as the album “Vendingo utta’om råket” (english: “Turns out of the track”). It’s released by the record company that I am handling myself, Motvind Records. The album exists on vinyl, in 100 copies, and I have printed all the covers myself. It costs a little more than usual, because I have spent an incredible amount of time and quite a bit of money on this project. But it is obviously also possible to listen to the record without paying anything for it, just look it up online. There will be a record launch concert on Kampenjazz in Oslo on September 8th. A huge thanks must be pointed towards Frode Haltli, Håkon Thelin and Per Oddvar Johansen for their wonderful interplay and musical inspiration! Further on, Marcus Forsgren at Studio Paradiso for recording and mixing, and Audun Strype for mastering. To compose and print the sleeves has been exciting, instructively and hard, because I chose woodcut as technique. I have to mention the guys that helped me out with that process aswell, Erland Rolstad had dry birch at his sawmill, Johan Dalseg was so kind that he lent me gouges for the wood carving, Lia Treindustri stood for the planing of the printing blocks and Kjetil Brandsdal in Stavanger got me some blank vinyl sleeves.

August 2019
Playing several festivals in several countries and will also return to Flerbruket to record music with Andreas Røysum Ensemble!

July 2019
I am a part of the arrangement committee for the best festival I know of, Motvindfestivalen, that in it’s time was put togheter by Andreas Hoem Røysum and Haakon Stiff Aamlid. The program is strong as steel, and the motivation behind is clear as a mountain creek; one does not need to associate with war profiting hyper capitalists to arrange a jazz festival in 2019, actually, it is a bummer and an disservice to our culture. I really hope that people realises the bad situation in the world at the moment, the war machine is running for full engines inn all of the most powerful countries in the world, and Norway is a part of this. What can we as memebers of our culture do with that? Dissociate from hawks and snakes that put money before dignity and even uses this dignity as an exuse to do so (security procedures, employment, economic growth in the local communities…). And then I play at some other festivals, Ranglerock, Vinjerock and Fanø Free Folk Festival. The last one is a really beautiful festival where I am lucky to play with three bands, the duo with brother Rasmus, as a part of Vassvik and also with Frode Haltli Avant Folk.

June 2019
Three long journeys in June. Firstly, an album release tour for the record Gákti with Vassvik in Oslo, Uddebo and London. Then I will go to Morocco to meet and dance with the Master Musicians of Joujouka, in Joujouka!! And then, landskappleiken in Vågå. Many spiritual impressions to grasp.

May 2019
I am going to play a concert with brother Rasmus, at the concert series curated by Anders Hana, the saving angel of Norwegian folk music. Then I will play with Vinjefolk at Folkemusikkveka på Ål, and finally, togheter with Andreas Røysum, at Egil Kalman’s final soloist exam, which will be an honour.

April 2019
Considerable less concert activity this month is very welcomed after a utterly busy period since new year. Two concerts with Frode Haltli Avant Folk, in Voss and Bremen, will be something truly joyful to take part in. Then I will record an album with my own compositions, for the first time, togheter with some elder heroes of mine, Frode Haltli, Håkon Thelin and Per Oddvar Johansen. It will be released in September.

March 2019
On March 1st the Motvind magazine is released, where Haakon Stiff Aamlid, Andreas Hoem Røysum and myself have been editors.We are well satisfied with this magazine, and hope that a lot of people wants to read it. Indeed, a lot to read about this and that! But bear in mind, it is mostly in the scandinavian languages. And then, two records that in different manners deals with fascination and fantasies about how things are happening in space are released this month. With the quintet Billy Meier I’m participating on the album «Sounds From Erra», that was recorded by our good friend Magnus Nergaard at Flerbruket, and mixed by our good friend Dag Erik Johnsen at Athletic Sound in Halden. With Miman we are releasing the album «Stora mängder rymdgrus» (english: Vast amounts of space gravel), a title that is reffering to the fatal incident that came upon the space ship Aniara on it’s miserable journey that is described in Harry Martinsson’s epic poem from 1956. Whereas the Billy record tries to describe landscape, cultural and biological related characteristics of the planet Erra, that in many ways is not very different from our own planet, the Miman record is about imagined sonic conditions that may have appeared in weightless space, with all it’s flying objects and the (un)predictable coincidences between such objects.

February 2019
I have recieved a big and wonderful assignment as artist of the month at Riksscena. I bow in gratitude! Will present three concerts in three nights with music that I am really fond of. First off, a brand new project with Alasdair Roberts – the Scottish master – togheter with myself, Marthe Lea, Andreas Røysum, Fredrik Rasten, Egil Kalman and Hans Hulbækmo. What a band, ey? Then Folkevogn, the trio with Sudeshna Bhattacharya, Michaela Antalova and myself will play, and in the end there will be a concert and dance party with Sør-Fron spelmannslag and guests. I am happy!

January 2019
Touring Germany and Belgium with Torgeir Vassvik, Rasmus Kjorstad and Audun Strype sounds like a lot of fun. Further on, concerts with my friends in Marthe Lea Band, this time with jazz legend Kresten Osgood as a substitute for Hans Hulbækmo on drums.

December 2018
Recording Fredrik Rasten’s piece for six guitars, «Six moving guitars» will happen, and then I will play two long concerts just before christmas. Traditionally, the duo with Andreas Røysum, and also this year me and brother Rasmus will join the Pøbeljul with Poing, a true christmas miracle.

November 2018
Sanskriti Shresta is a unique musician and I am very lucky to be playing on the album with her band «Avatar». It is called Brijanga and is released on November 1st. Then I am going on another tour with Miman, where we finally get to go to England, as well as playing quintet with Axel Dörner and Michael Griener, woohoo!

October 2018
I have participated in making an exciting performance named Femtimeteren. We are four persons with background in music and three persons with background in dance that have come togheter to make something that is not either a concert, a dance performance, installation or theater. The performance will be staged at Kanonhallen in Oslo on October 11-14. Among other «highlights» this month is a week long workshop in improvisation at Jyderup and recording Reolô’s debut album!

September 2018
Finally I got the oportunity to play with Reolô again. It has been 9 months since last time, a terribly long time. To play with Reolô is demanding, fun and full of meaning. I can in a way do exactly what I want, but I also have to be on top of my game to follow Anders Røine, Rasmus Kjorstad and Hans Hulbækmo when they go at it. I have not experienced anything like playing with Reolô. We will record our debut album in November, so we will definitely play more concerts in the future.

August 2018
Sildajazz with Billy Meier, recording Miman’s second album in Copenhagen, release tour with Slow Is The New Fast and Tønder Festival with Vassvik is happening in August.

July 2018
I am dissapointed that my home page has turned in to a kind of cheap blog, so I wrote a serious text about something that interests me, how cultural workers create culture. But I am too lazy to translate it into English at the moment… However, read more about the cause here: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/vi-krever-at-kongsberg-jazzfestival-avslutter.

June 2018
What a perfectly fine time of the year we are in! The birds are trilling and singing. I am for the most part in Oslo this month, playing some concerts and working on some things. Very lucky to have the opportunity to work with such a nice variety of music, and with so many different people. Will present more of this soon…

May 2018
This month started out in the best possible way with a soon-to-be legendary concert with Marthe Lea Band, which consists of, besides Marthe Lea, myself, Andreas Røysum, Egil Kalman and Hans Hulbækmo. We play a lot of different instruments. An extremely inspiring band, the concert lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes. More of that! Later on, I am in the lucky situation of getting to play in several Norwegian cities: in Stavanger at Maijazz with Billy Meier, in Trondheim togheter with Matilda Rolfsson at Vår Frues Kirke and in Bergen at Nattjazz with Frode Haltli Avant Folk. Then we will play the debut concert of a trio that has been rehearsing for a long time and that I strongly believe in. The trio is called Folkevogn and consists of Sudeshna Bhattacharya on Sarod, Michaela Antalova on drums and myself on Hardanger fiddle. This will happen at Melahuset in Oslo the day after the Champions League final.

April 2018
Really happy to announce that two albums that I play on is released this month. Firstly with “Avant Folk”, a 10-piece band put togheter by the very very special musician and one of my heroes, Frode Haltli, as he was artist of the month at Riksscenen in February last year. We played a concert (on my birthday actually), it was recorded by Fridtjof Lindeman and now it’s out on the serious Norwegian label Hubro. Read about it here. The second album which I am releasing is the debut of my dear trio Miman. It is called “Ulme”. We recorded it at Farmasihytta in the woods north of Oslo in March last year. Magnus Nergaard did the recording and mixing, Audun Strype did the mastering, we were fortunate enough to get to use Morten Juvet’s beautiful painting “Reverus” as the cover, and Simen Engen Larsen did the layout. It’s, like “Avant Folk”, released on both CD and vinyl, and the label is… my own brand new label called Motvind Records! Read about it here. See the “concert” category for live dates, as it is some of them this month…

March 2018
Working on the music…

February 2018
This month the duo I have had with Henriette Eilertsen for many years, Kakapoi, will make a little “comeback”. We will play Saturday 3th at a nice concert series curated by Signe Emmeluth at Kafè Hærverk. I suggest that we all in general support places like Kafe Hærverk! Then I will play with Sanskriti Shresta’s band again (also with Henriette Eilertsen), and later a concert I am looking very much foreward to – my first with Erik Kimestad Pedersen. Both Vassvik and Billy Meier (also with Henriette Eilertsen) will record new music this month. And speaking of Billy Meier – we have been selected to participate in “Jazzintro 2018”, read about it (in Norwegian) here: https://jazzforum.jazzinorge.no/2018/01/31/atte-band-klare-jazzintro-2018/. Very exciting

January 2018
Welcome to my home page. Here, I will try my best to share some information about what I’m doing. For instance, I will play several cool concerts this month – read about it in the “concerts” category. Best regards, Hans